Crosley Players sure know how to stimulate the theater of the mind!

T.L. Green Bay, Wisc.

We just attended your dinner theater. You all are awesome!

M.J. Terre Haute, IN

Like many, I attended the Crosley Radio Players' performance at the Indiana Theater Friday night. For those of you who weren't there, it was a live radio recreation of the famous Orson Welles' broadcast of "War of the Worlds". The show, complete with a live orchestra and generated sound effects was very entertaining and even enhanced by the atmosphere that the Indiana Theater provided. I was disappointed though, that NONE of the local radio stations carried the broadcast. This would have allowed those who couldn't attend a chance to experience the show just as our parents and grandparents did when the original broadcast was made. In a small city like Terre Haute, it's always nice to have yet another option when it comes to local entertainment.

L.H. Terre Haute

The performance on Friday was excellent! I think it was enhanced due to the fact that I have listened to the original several times, and was familiar with the content. Your performance was a true representation of the original, right down to the sound effects. I could have listened and watched for hours!

J.T. Terre Haute

We made an overnight vacation of your city's support of the Crosley Radio Players' performance of the War of the Worlds last Friday night. It was our first real look at Terre Haute much beyond the highway. What a real surprise and pleasure it was to find a reasonably vibrant downtown, great new hotels within walking distance, and the real jewel was the wonderful Indiana Theater. Having seen a few other groups that do old radio shows live, we had mixed expectations as to how it might go. I have to tell you that it was the finest experience of that kind I have ever had! Not only did the theater dazzle, the wonderful cast, musicians, sound effects and friendly ushers made it an experience of a life time. I got chills as I heard the high school jazz ensemble's opening strains of the Mercury Theater's theme music. Realizing the historical significance of the evening made it even more exciting. The Crosley Players were well beyond my expectations, professional in every way. Fine diction that was easily understood, great pacing, the fine musical interludes by the jazz ensemble made for an evening that I won't soon forget. A Large supportive turnout was also a real plus and quite a surprise because one often finds a limited turn out, but not in Terre Haute. Anyone who had the chance to come and take part surely went away with a renewed appreciation for an art form that has been too quickly abandoned by our broadcasting powers. Because of the performance which I had seen mentioned on the Internet, we ended up discovering a lot more about Terre Haute, its great neighborhoods, shops, colleges and some very friendly street department workers who helped us when we became lost. It's a trip I would look forward to again. I hope the combination of the Crosley Radio Players and the Indiana Theater can be utilized to encourage others to become tourists for an overnight or weekend visit. I know we will be watching to see if any other shows are planned of the caliber we just saw. Totally first rate!

L.H. Odin, Illinois

Ah, yes! "Stardust"...incandescent gas... the ticking clockwork.... Carl Phillips running around Southern New Jersey with Professor Pierson and getting fried... Grover's Mill. Great job, music; You rocked the sound effects and the various ways you treated the audio, which is the key in this production. I loved the crowd reaction to the opening of the spaceship. Listening reminds me once again what a wonderful script Mercury created. I love how the story unfolds as we listen...the interruptions to the orchestra broadcast, the interruption to the professor's interview, the developing thread of the news bulletins.

Paul McLane, Editor, Radio World magazine

We saw some of your show at Victory Days and just attended the show at the Wabash Senior Center. We loved it! We remember those wonderful days of radio. Thank you! Everyone was so good! Would love to see George and Gracie. You have added us to your fans!

M.P. Rosedale, IN

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