In 2007, Steve Ridge, approached Jerry Arnold with an idea: put on a show as a Christmas gift to the residents of a Terre Haute, Indiana nursing home where Steve did maintenance. He wanted something that the elderly residents would remember, and to which they could relate. A few ideas were considered, but Steve and Jerry decided on doing a live recreation of a 1941 Fibber McGee and Molly radio episode, complete with period-correct commercials, news, props and music. The show was an instant success! Word soon spread of the little troop that brought back so many memories for so many people in the area.

Jerry, a 45+ year veteran of radio and TV broadcasting drew his talented ensemble from the friendships he had developed in his tenure in the Terre Haute broadcasting market. Carefully selecting each member for the roles in each production, he has put together a group whose combined experience in broadcasting exceeds three HUNDRED years. The majority of the Players are life-long broadcasters, and each has a love of the rich history of the medium.

Each show is meticulously researched, precisely cast, well rehearsed and made to not only SOUND identical to the original, but also give those in attendance the feeling they are actually sitting in the studio audience on the date it was broadcast. No detail is considered too insignificant. Where possible, sound effects are done live, as they were in the past to further enhance the realism. Authentic period-correct RCA studio microphones are used, as are commercials from the era.

The Crosley Players have performed at restaurants for dinner theaters, World War 2 reenactments, historical society fund raisers, and historic Vaudeville theaters throughout Western Indiana and Eastern Illinois. Such well-known dramas as Inner Sanctum, Suspense, The Green Hornet, The Lone Ranger, Yours Truly - Johnny Dollar, The Shadow, The Whistler, Dragnet, Richard Diamond-Private Detective, Lux Theater, and Challenge of the Yukon have been performed along with favorite comedies Fibber McGee and Molly, The Bickersons, Our Miss Brooks, The Great Gildersleeve, and Duffy's Tavern. Musical shows like Your Hit Parade, Chesterfield Supper Club, and Command Performance round out every performance.

The name CROSLEY has a long and glorious history in radio. Founded in 1920 by Powell Crosley in Cincinnati, the company became a giant in the industry. Today, CROSLEY RADIO, now headquartered in Louisville, has graciously allowed us to use their name and logo. We are honored to uphold such a well-known and respected name.
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